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A motley crew of imperfect humans who love to make and share great coffee, mischievous banter, and moreish eats.

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Housed in an industrial warehouse, Bay Ten Espresso has made use of an old, and rather notorious shipping container to serve the community of other outsiders.

We’re not on the main strip, and we can be a little hard to find but that’s how we like it. Come as you are, take a stroll down the laneway and slip into the warehouse at the top of the street towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Bay Ten

Middlemiss Street
Lavender Bay 2060

Specialty coffee by
White Horse Coffee


     Boozy brunch

        Toasted sandwiches

    On-the-go lunch

            Specialty coffee

      Butter Boy Bake cookies


Our hidden home in the laneway reflects us.

it’s rough, raw, and real.

Once used to engineer the steel works for the Sydney Harbour Bridge some hundred years ago, the Bay 10 warehouse had since come to be neglected on North Sydney’s industrial strip, until us misfits saw its toughened beauty.

A recycled shipping container of illicit origins sits centre stage as the barista station with 10-metre-high ceilings towering overhead; scribbled, flaying walls all around and the rumble of the railway above echoing through every nook.

Ever since the graffitied roller door went up on that first day back in 2014 this specialty coffee house is a welcomed escape for locals, artists and like-minded folk that love a good yarn with a humbling café crew.

From the peeling walls of the century-old warehouse to the coffee stained sneakers behind the machine and furtive shipping container shopfront, Bay Ten Espresso is at one with its imperfections.

Middlemiss Misfits

[ noun ]

A term of endearment to describe the self-confessed imperfects who have converged under the bridge to make for a highly caffeinated and poorly humoured community within the once abandoned warehouses residing on the little laneway of Middlemiss Street.

“I have never heard such crap jokes than the ones told by the Middlemiss Misfits of Bay Ten Espresso, but they make up for it with their coffee, best one I’ve had yet.”







Live music on Thursdays

open to everyone

Monday through Friday

7:00am – 3:00pm
Closed Weekends and Public Holidays

Walk-ins only. Dog friendly.

come for the coffee

stay for the banter



Just like your big sister, Work inc are the only ones we’ll let pick on us because we know they’ll always have our back. From the same crew that brings you Bay Ten Espresso, also heads up a bespoke coworking space out of the laneway. You’ll see it as you wander through the archways to discover a whole host of conjoined warehouses filled with avid entrepreneurs, creatives and brilliant minds set out to do their own thing, having ditched the slog of the 9-to-5. North Sydney has never looked so appealing.